Handcrafted Objects and Furniture.

' We conceive the object as a work of art which does not lose its functional purpose,
while at the same time we use only the finest materials'.

Kontaki design is a newly established Greek company that exclusively designs and produces handcrafted objects and furniture. All objects and furniture are designed and manufactured in Greece. Each piece is unique and only a limited
number of copies are produced. We conceive the object as a work of art which does not lose its functional purpose, while at the same time we use only the finest materials. That is the Kontaki Design Philosophy.
We do not perceive the furniture as a “transformer” object that serves us in many ways. Instead we try to sustain its personality and character and try to engage into a “conversation” with it in the space that is rightfully its own.
We attempt to create a dream like effect in a world where we coexist with the objects, as they “move” throughout our space, almost as if they existed before we even discovered them. Our source of inspiration combines spontaneity and an escape from elaborate design and also from the rigid rules that surround it.
Our desire is that the object “shed” itself from any excess “weight”. We are not interested in mass production or in the impression created by it. We strive for quality of life and why not, perhaps even reveal a flaw in our environment, by our inspiration.

Spiros Kontakis

Spiros Kontakis was born in Athens, Greece in 1969. He started off making and performing music. He has worked for more than 15 years as a professional musician in London and Athens, where he contributed to the making of about 300 albums, as a session player and as a writer. When he started feeling that he had to compromise artistically, in order to be able to sustain him self financially, he decided that music was not the path for him.  Read More

The Team

Dimitra Korombili, architect-interior designer

general manager at kontaki design

I was born in Athens in 1981.I studied interior and graphic design at the Vacalo Art and Design College in Athens. From 2001 i have worked as an assistant professor – designer – architect- at the following architectural firms:
Agnes Couvela- Panagiotatou & Partners (2001-2004), Iakovo Alavano (2005) ,Nikolaos Delendas & Partners( 2005-2006), Michalis Griparis & Partners (2007- until now) Since 2003 i have worked as an assistant set designer – interior designer at Dinos Petratos(set designer – painter) and George Petridis(interior designer). In 2008 I founded my own office in Athens and since then i have specialized in the design of private residences, the renovation and restoration of old buildings and interior design.
In 2011 i decided to create the thematerialism website which is incorporates Design, Architecture, Material..It is structured as a online database which links products and their designers to the manufacturers that sell the products.
In January 2016 started as general manager at kontakidesign..

George Boussounis , musician

artistic consultant at kontaki design

The man who (while driving his off white vintage vespa downtown Athens), had the idea of joining top class session musicians, producers, recording, mixing and mastering engineers and studios from different countries, in order to create the first international online production organization in the planet.

It took him hundreds of hours of telephone calls, e-mails and lots of his rather disputable charm, to persuade all of the above artists to be a part of this really loving big music family.

George therefore wishes, that OnlineRecordingMasters  shall blossom and expand in the near future, becoming a place of unlimited inspiration and creativity for all of us.

He also claims that he makes the best espresso/cappuccino in town, but this is another story…

Petros Avtzis, photographer 

construction supervisor at kontaki design

Katerina Papapostolou,  journalist

digital media manager at kontakidesign

Katerina Papapostolou is a journalist, copywriter and digital media manager. She studied Physics in the University of Ioannina, however, soon after completing her degree her lifelong passion for fashion resulted in her following a completely different study, that in Fashion Journalism and Marketing. Katerina has worked as Digital Media Manager in WRP and is now Fashion Writer of Harper’s Bazaar Greece and columnist for the magazines of Hilton Athens, Belvedere Hotel, Golf and Leisure, Φ of VAGMA Media Development. She is the copywriter of the official website of Hilton Athens Hotel which is entirely her work.


Mourouzi street is a small but historically significant street, which vertically links Herodou Attikou rd and Rigillis rd. At Herodou Attikou road, one can find the Presidential Mansion, built by famous architect Ernst Tsiller between 1891 and 1897 to be used as the royal palace of king Konstantinos and princess Sofia, as well as the ``Maximou Mansion`` (1912), which currently hosts the prime minister`s office. Both builtings are representative of the Neoclassical architectural movement that was prevailing at the time . Herodou Attikou, which runs on the side of the National gardens, is also the road that connects the Greek parliament mansion with the ``Kalimarmaro stadium of Athens`` where the first modern Olympic games took place in 1896. On the other side of Mourouzi str, Rigillis road is known for the `` Aristotle`s lyceum `` (335 B.C), an archaeological site of major importance, discovered in 1996, as well as the Athens conservatory, a building that is a fine expression of the Bauhaus movement and the current form of which, was given by professor Ioannis Despotopoulos (student of the great Walter Gropius) in 1959. Just 200 meters away from the showroom, two of the most significant museums of the country are located along Vassilissis Sofias avenue: The Benakis museum and the Cycladic art museum. 10, Mourouzi street is believed to be the largest apartment building constructed in the early 30`s. On the eastern side of the building, a private alley provides access to the showroom. The apartment was originally owned by novelist and theatrical writer Athanassios Petsalis-Diomedes (1904-1995) and has been the gathering point of many artists and intellectuals of the 1930- 1950 era. It's architectural style is a fine blend of neo classicism and art deco. The apartment consists of two large and two smaller rooms, it has high ceilings and wide windows while it is decorated in a graciously detailed way with the use of plaster, wood and mat. The recent renovation done by Petsalis` descendants, carefully maintained the original character of the apartment as well as this magical 30`s atmosphere. That`s mainly why the designer Spiros Kontakis picked this very place in order to use it as a gallery that accommodates all his art work but also as his own home. Spiros` unique hand crafted objects, lightning’s and pieces of furniture co exist in harmony bringing a surreal balance between modernism and romanticism. The result, which betrays the artist`s intention to raise questions regarding the purpose of design in everyday life, is constantly challenging for the senses and stimulates the visitor emotionally and intellectually.