Spiros Kontakis

Spiros Kontakis was born in Athens, Greece in 1969. He started off making and performing music. He has worked for more than 15 years as a professional musician in London and Athens, where he contributed to the making of about 300 albums, as a session player and as a writer. When he started feeling that he had to compromise artistically, in order to be able to sustain him self financially, he decided that music was not the path for him. He needed to re-design his future as an artist and meet up with his ``childish`` self, so that he could really liberate and express his feelings about life and the world around him, as well as re-evaluate the meaning of art as a form of resurrection. So he took his pencils and started drawing images of objects an pieces of furniture, which, although static, they have the tendency to move on to the next stage of their existence, obtain conciousness and eventually break free, by breaking the barriers of immobility. That's how Kontaki design,his little boutique company, was born. Nothing was more fundamental to Spiros, than to bring those haunting images to life. He collaborated with a small team of craftsmen and technicians and worked for months until his first design was finally ready. Since then, he has designed and constructed a large number of objects, lightings and furniture, all handcrafted and unique, or in a very limited edition of copies. His intention has always been, everything he creates to contain this magical feeling of communication with his childhood memories, when wise naivety and innocence, used to deform and reconstruct reality in a dream like manner, by constantly ignoring logic and regulations. Spiros wishes that his objects can travel all over the world, meet up and coversate with different people and find themselves a place to rest, in various spaces, bringing a new perspective of comfort and awareness to the person close to them.